Dream Underwater – RIDA [Knit Blanket]

Inspierd by: RIDA


Underwater Mong Nit Blancat is a blanket product that re-implements RIDA’s publication, Underwater Mong, in a knitting manner.

It is a light knit material that can be used lightly during the change of seasons, and works of art can be used in a variety of ways, such as wall decoration for interior design or simple mats for outing.


– Dimensions: 137cm x 178cm
– 99.9% Linenlike Acrylic

Care Instruction

This product can only be dry-cleaned.
Please refrain from washing with water as the product may be damaged.
Due to the nature of the material, there is a risk of peeling or loosening due to fiber friction, so be careful when wearing it.





When painting was healing,
Light seeped through the narrow cracks formed by small cracks. Dreams in the water.

Underwater dream_Dream Underwater

Designer image

Inspired by


RIDA is the author of "Dream Underwater," the first publication of independent publisher Whigyeom. Through her underwater dream, she tells stories of women and stories that swimmers can relate to. I published a picture book for adults, which consists of pictures that I honestly drew as much emotion as I could while swimming. There's a little crack in your life, too. May the light that shines on you spread. I'm sure you'll be able to see yourself shining brightly I hope you get it back. You came to this world as a brilliant being from the beginning.